I recommend reading these ideas

**Each idea will open a mental door for you **

Mental Models

  1. First principle thinking
  2. Right to Property is a fundamnetal right for individual sovereignity
  3. Code is Freedom of Speech
  4. Types of Leverage and why it matters
  5. Bitcoin as the Internet Money Protocol
  6. Why GPUs are the next National asset for digital security of a Nation state
  7. Exponential Age is upon us it is a side effect of Information age ,everything is no longer linear like the industrial age
  8. Types of Luck and how can you manifest it for yourself

Building Startups/Ventures

  1. Micro SaaS as an alternative to Venture backed startups model
  2. Difference between Founder & Entrepreneur
  3. Next frontier is space tech based industries


  1. Internet Credentials link
  2. Tokens a new digital primitive, analogous to the website link
  3. InternetComputer (e.g. Ethereum - Decentralised Computer)
  4. Why Quantum computing is next frontier in computing

Scaling Product (Distribution First)

  1. Power Law link
  2. Power of Defaults link
  3. Network Effects and Metcalf’s Laws

Building Products

  1. 7 Deadly Sins - human behaviour for Products link
  2. Redo
  3. Fail Fast, Kill Products Faster

Top Book Reads in AI

  1. Designing Data-Intensive Applications: The Big Ideas Behind Reliable, Scalable, and Maintainable Systems: Matt Housley, 2022 and Martin Kleppmann, 2017
  2. Fundamentals of Data Engineering: Plan and Build Robust Data Systems

Top Book Reads in Startups

  1. Hard thing about Hard Things link